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Commissions | Premieres | Concerti of Non-traditional Mixture

* only a premiere (not a commission), ** only a commission, boldfaced titles are the Concerti of Non-traditional Mixture


Andrew Ardizzoia - 

  • New marimba solo (projected premiere 2015, Heartland Marimba Festival)
  • Glass House Concerto for percussion soloist (glass, metal, wood, stone) and wind ensemble (premiered 2012/2013)

Bjorn Berkhout - 

  • Torque for solo dulcimer (premiered 2014)
  • Catch Your Breath for marimba duo (premiered 2011)
  • Running Towards Empty for percussion sextet (premiered 2010)
  • Fugue on a Chromatic Subject for solo marimba (premiered 2009)
  • The Torque Album for dulcimer, clarinet, cello, piano, and vibraphone (Totaling 10 tunes, premiered 2009/2010)
  • Uphill for hammer dulcimer, baritone-voice, piano, vibraphone (premiered 2005)
  • Glitz! for hammer dulcimer, marimba, vibraphone/glockenspiel (premiered 2007)
  • Tides and Riptides; Concerto for Marimba, Woodblocks, and Orchestra (premiered 2006/2008)

Marcin Błażewicz -

  • Piece for Two Marimbas (premiered 2011)
  • Concerto Rustico for marimba and string orchestra (US premiere 2009)*
  • Sonata for Marimba (US premiere 2009)*

Igor Iachimciuc -

  • Rural Sketches for marimba and contrabass sextet (premiered 2014)
  • Through Flowers for solo marimba (premiere 2014)*

Steven Simpson -

  • Marimba Quartet No. 2 (premiered 2014, Heartland Marimba Festival)
  • Images of Africa for dulcimer and percussion sextet (premiered 2014)
  • Flow for marimba and cello (premiered 2012)*

Neil Thornock -

  • Dulci for solo dulcimer (premiered 2010)
  • Lurgy for carillon and percussion ensemble (premiered 2010, version 2 premiered 2013)
  • Blur for xylophone/metals and vibraphones/glass duo (premiered 2013)
  • Illumination for solo chimes (premiered 2014)*
  • Fanfares and Quantasy for solo marimba (premiered 2014)

Dolores White -

  • Fugue Odyssey for solo marimba (premiered 2011)
  • Emerald Trio for marimba, oboe, and bassoon (premiered 2010)

Charlie Williams -

  • Now You Know the Pretty Fever Flush for bass drum and electronics (premiered 2011)
  • Ring Road Super/Heroes for prerecorded disc and improvised percussion (premiered 2005)
  • Sevenless/Bride of Sevenless for snare drum and electronics (premiered 2004/2009)

Commissions and Premieres, 1 piece per composer:

  • Masks of Exquisite Dining for dulcimer/doumbek and marimba/bodhran by Brad Dutz (premiered 2013)
  • Nereus Sonata for solo marimba by Jeffrey Holmes (premiered 2013)*
  • Ludus for marimba quartet by Hans Magne Græsvold (premiered 2012)
  • Compass Chrome for percussion quartet by D.J. Sparr (Commissioning Consortium, 2012)**
  • A Message from the Emperor by Martin Bresnick (Commissioning Consortium, 2010)**
  • Trois Tableaux for solo marimba by Tobias Broström (US premiere 2010)*
  • Fugue (r)Evolution for solo marimba by Wallace DePue (commissioned 2010)**
  • Changing Violet, piano and marimba duo by Gustavo Leone (premiered 2009)
  • Souvenir from Chisinau for solo marimba by Daniel Galay (premiered 2009)
  • The Breeze of South Latitudes Marimba Concerto by Ghenadie Ciobanu (premiered 2009)
  • STILL for solo marimba by Jason Raynovich (premiered 2005)*



The Glass House Concerto

Andrew Ardizzoia, composer

Instrument arsenal for the soloist

  • 8 Glass Gongs
  • Glass Xylophone
  • Stone Xylophone
  • Bottle-phone (1.6 octaves)
  • 9 Wood Blocks
  • 10 Temple Blocks
  • 4 Hi-Hats of various sizes
  • Almglocken (1.6 octaves)
  • 4 Suspended Cymbals of various sizes

Read Andrew’s synopsis about the project:
Glass_House_Concerto (PDF)

Read Matthew’s synopsis about the project:
TheGlassHouseConcertoPros (PDF)

Using Philip Johnson's Glass House estate in New Canaan, Connecticut as inspiration, Andrew Ardizzoia composed an original piece for Matthew and his collection of unique percussion instruments. Glass gongs, glass wind chimes and a stone xylophone are a few of the instruments that, along with a wind ensemble, create an energetic piece with a unique blend and juxtaposition of elements.

Please contact Matthew or Midwest Artist Management for booking inquiries.




A unique glass percussion/dance/media experience

A massive project with co-director Valerie Williams and Co’Motion Dance Theatre, Hiromi Okumura, Nathan Ratliff, and Keith Kutz and the ISU Gaffer’s Guild, Clearly has caught the attention of folks in Central Iowa. We are continuing to develop and grow and will be inhabiting new spaces in the future.

Imagine an installation that you can visit with or without performers to see over 200 pieces of glass assembled or hanging in a space that are played like percussion instruments. Video, lights, musicians and dancers fill the space with visual and aural color. Video and processed sound also react to the performers and the audience.

Clearly is an installment of acoustic, choreographic, electronic, translucent, and optic wonder!

Elements of Clearly

  • Glass xylophone by Jim Doble.
  • Glass wind chimes by Nathan Ratliff.
  • Found glass instruments and gongs by Matthew Coley and Valerie Williams.
  • Performers from SONIC INERTIA and Co’Motion Dance Theatre.
  • Art by Hiromi Okumura.
  • Many glass blown instruments by the ISU Gaffer’s Guild.
  • Electronic and video design by Valerie and Hiromi.
  • Music by Matthew.

Granting Organizations: Iowa Arts Council, Story County Community Foundation, The Ames Community Grant Program